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Sitting on Cliff
 Illustrated Forest Background

About Me

I am a visual artist. Moving visuals have always bewitched me since I was a kid, be it live action, 3D or even 2D animation. I fell in love with animation & motion graphics because of the limitless scope it offered to amplify reality and emotions. It is also a perfect tool to effectively communicate and dispense information that is truly impactful.


Having earned my bachelor's degree in mass media, where I majored in advertising and minored in journalism, I have used my skills and educational qualifications ever since to further my career as a visual artist.


In my 11 years of working in the media industry, I have been successfully articulating my thoughts and vision into captivating visuals ranging from live-action to infographics to stories using illustrations, 2D animation and 3D animation.


If you are in need of original and stunning visuals for your project,

I am your guy! 

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